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Why LazyDaze



Sunbrella, Olefin, Polyester, Canvas.
LazyDaze Uses Only The Best Fabrics
To Match Your Body And Taste.


Industrial Level Steel Easily Bearing 450 Pounds;
Full Galvanization Ensuring A Longer Outdoor Life;
Anti Skid Screws To Fasten Every Spot Of Connection.

Wood Frame

100% Russian-Imported Larch;
Strict Wood Moisture Control(8-12%);
Environment Friendly German-Imported Wood Adhesive;
Three-Layer Professional Outdoor Painting.



100% Hand-Woven Cotton Ropes
Made From Long-Staple Cotton


Our Signature Triangle Bracing
Ensuring The Stability Of Hammock.

Spread Bar

100% German-Imported White Beech;
Strict Wood Moisture Control(8-12%);
To Prevent Deformation And Corrosion.

Stretch Out On A LazyDaze Hammock
And You Might Never Want To Climb Into A Bed Again.

Stretch out and relax on a LazyDaze Hammock and you might find it more comfortable than a bed or a sofa. That could be because there are no pressure points on your spine. Or perhaps it’s because its swinging motion provides the brain wave synchronization required for true relaxation. It’s similar to the rocking motion that sends a baby to sleep. Once you get into the swing of things, if you excuse the pun, we think you’ll find a LazyDaze Hammock so comfortable, you might never want to climb into a bed again.