Hammock Chair Stand
lazy daze hammock_chair_stand
lazy daze hammock_chair_stand
lazy daze hammock_chair_stand

Hammock Chair Stand

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A-bracket stand. Suitable for outdoor usage at home, patio, garden, picnics and more. Easy-to-assemble tube frame with feet protectors. Max load 330 lbs.

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Features in Detail

Steel Hooks

Easily attach hammocks chair and hammock chairs.

Powder Coated Steel

Sturdy and stable steel stand with rust-resistant powder coating. Even the chains are Zinc plated steel that lasts rain or shine.

Protection Caps

Protects the base and stops the stand from sliding or scratching surfaces.

  • Steel Hooks
  • Powder Coated Steel
  • Protection Caps
Sun Protected
Outdoors and Indoors
Easy-To- Assemble

Product Specification

 Stand Material:  Powder Coated Steel  
Stand Dimension: 39.37(L) x 39.37(W) x 59.84(H) inches
Weight Capacity:  330 lbs
Gross Weight:  35.3 lbs
Package Size: 52(L) x 22(W) x 3.9(H) inches inches

FAQ & Care

How wide is the assembled frame at the top?

The width of assembled frame at the top is 69 inches.

Does the hammock really swing?

Yes. You can swing gently within a certain range.

What is the final weight capacity?

Weight capacity: 330lbs.

Is this easy to disassemble (if you want to store it in a closet over the winter)?

Definitely! I disassembled mine for storage in the garage rafters. Very easy!

Could I hang a saucer on it?

It depends on the height of the saucer. This stand is 59.84" height.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Bourne
In my opinion it is the safest swing chair frame out there.

It's safe. That's the most important thing. When I had a C frame everyone wanted to sit on it. But the iron ripped and also a friend got a concussion on the C frame - her fault as she was totally horsing around. I have a different chair because the blue wasn't my style. But I love sitting in it. It's very big. But it's easy to disassemble and assemble. I couldn't get the grips on and it has scratched the vinyl flooring. Not sure how to get them on. Seemed impossible. Still having a safe chair compared to the last one means everything especially if children are going to be sitting in it.

Soothing setup

Really great design except for two major flaws.
The plastic feet that are supposed to snap on do not fit. I spent Christmas eve trying everything possible to fit them on to the stand they will never go on however the stand seems to do ok without them. The two smaller connections at the top tend to wiggle their way loose when moving the stand around so you have to keep an eye on that but they seem to stay in place just fine during use. Not a small set up but could totally be in doors in a larger house
I bought it for my autistic son and it’s taller than I anticipated so he has a little trouble getting in and out of it but still finds it calming

Very sturdy

We have another one with a different stand, and this one is way more sturdy. The other one we had to weigh down with sand bags, which is not needed for this one. I just wish it would come with a different swing. I don't like the woven cloth. It doesn't stretch enough to really lie in it and rolls up under the knees or cuts into the leg. I replaced it and had to pay for something I didn't use.

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