Macrame Cat Hammock Include Cushion and Hanging Kit
Macrame Cat Hammock Include Cushion and Hanging Kit
Macrame Cat Hammock Include Cushion and Hanging Kit

Macrame Nest Cat Hammock

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Macrame cat hammock hanging rope weaving chair with soft-spun cotton rope for indoor and outdoor use. Capacity 3 cats Max load 66 lbs. Cotton with metal frame, beads.

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Features In Detail

Durable Steel Rings

Knotted ropes and steel O-ring make the chair stable and easy to hang.

Color String Toy

A kitty toy is included for an added touch of fun.

Pretty Beads

Beautiful beads make the chair nice but also more interesting for you cat.

Fun Strings

Loose bottom strings give the stool a great look and provide endless fun for your cat.

  • Durable Steel Rings
  • Color String Toy
  • Pretty Beads
  • Fun Strings
Sun Protected
Outdoors and Indoors
Quality Materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My Kitten is Spoiled.

I love the look of this hammock. My kitten loves to climb this, lay in it, spin it around, use it to get to other areas and is an all out circus performer when it comes to her hammock. So worth hanging- make sure you get a good hanging point (or go into the ceiling and brace a hook) if you have a feisty or a big kitty cat like I do.

Charles Spivey
Great Cat Bed

This was easy to hang, and our cat loves it, she has been using it nightly to sleep in since we hung it up. This was one of the items that we ordered that was an instant hit, usually with the cats it takes some time for them to warm up to new things, less than a minute after I finished hanging this up, the cat was in it, and she loves it. When her kitten is brought over to visit you can find them both curled up in this hammock taking a nap together. So multiple cats that are over at our house love this product.

Texas coast girl
The cats love it

It’s hanging inside my sons very large bunk bed. The cats love to sleep at his feet and he can’t roll over at night, so I got this hoping they’d hang over him and not lay on him.I may hang it higher as it’s just touching my sons thick blanket when our bigger cat lays in it. Binx is our smallest cat and has lots of room in the hammock. Stormy (grey cat) is a large cat and he fits just fine. He loves to stick his paws out of it and smack our black cat.

Cat slowly liking it

Easy to but up. My cat wasn't liking the swinging when he would get in so we had to secure it to the wall. He also didn't like the little pillow so we put a blanket in it, so he didn't step through the bottom of it. It's strong enough to hold him, he's about 14lbs.