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#The Art of Doing Nothing

Lazy Daze Hammocks are built on the belief that doing nothing is not simply just doing nothing - there is the right way of doing/not doing it and that’s an art. The best way of dozing off from your busy day is one that makes you smile, and comfortable and feels like something endless that you don’t want to stop. At the same time, it strangely charges you up like a battery and gets you ready for the times when you, unfortunately, need to get up from your lovely hammock and need to contribute something to society. We argue that by doing nothing you are actually closer to archiving something.

Today, we are here ready to help you to get the most out of your downtime so that you can maximize the relaxation with yourself, family and why not a couple of noisy friends too!

William Jones
Where did this Journey to laziness begin?

In 1999, I finally made my entrepreneurial dream come true by founding the LazyDaze hammock brand. In fact, LazyDaze owes its existence to a travel experience of mine.

That year, I went on a solo trip to South America. One day, I got lost in the rainforest, exhausted and even dizzy. At that critical moment, I came across a local indigenous tribe. They kindly invited me to rest in their village. When I first lay in the simple hammock they used, I was amazed by the unimaginable comfort it provided! I took a warm, sweet nap on that netted hanging bed, and recovered my strength by the next day.

Things started to happen…

Upon returning to the US, I would often think back to that encounter with the indigenous people and the experience the hammock gave me. Ah, that feeling of coziness and relaxation is unforgettable! No matter how busy work was, I would frequently zone out, missing that reassuring hammock. 

That's when I conceived the idea of founding a hammock brand. I hoped to allow more people to obtain vacation-like comfort through hammocks, just like I did that year. That was LazyDaze's founding mission - our products aim to add small fragments of leisure time to people's daily lives. I firmly believe hammocks can not only be used for sleeping but also become the best place for friends and family to gather and chat.

Empowering Lives, Empowering Women

Our hammock production provides fulfilling employment and skills training for talented women artisans in local communities

Empowering Women through Employment Opportunities

At Lazy Daze Hammocks, we take pride in the artisanal craftsmanship of our handwoven rope hammocks. Our hammock production provides fulfilling employment and skills training for talented women artisans in local communities. These women weavers create products with outstanding workmanship and quality.

We provide comprehensive technical training and mentoring to help these women master the intricacies of hammock weaving and become expert craftswomen in this trade. The exclusive skills and techniques they develop enable them to produce durable, comfortable hammocks with exquisite patterns and designs.

We conserve traditional handicrafts heritage while promoting social and economic inclusion.

Preserving Heritage Crafts, Transforming Lives

Our initiative uplifts underemployed women by providing stable income channels where they can leverage their craftsmanship. We empower them with vocational skills and knowledge to establish themselves as specialists. By driving re-employment and development opportunities for women through our hammock artisanship, we conserve traditional handicrafts heritage while promoting social and economic inclusion.

Our commitment to handicraft preservation and women’s empowerment lets customers know there is meaningful history, skill and livelihood opportunity behind each Lazy Daze hammock they purchase. The superior level of quality and craft speaks for itself.

Lazy Daze Hammocks® is Committed to the Environment.

Together, we're investing in a brighter future that begins in your own backyard. All our products are built with attention to the materials and work processes so that they have a positive impact on both social and ecological aspects of our lives and our planet. Here are some of the many ways Lazy Daze tackles the issues that touch us all.

Double Caribbean Rope Hammoc

Responsible Fabrics

At Lazy Daze Hammocks, we are dedicated to using only high-quality, durable fabrics engineered to withstand years of use, reducing environmental waste from frequent replacement cycles. Crafted from premium raw textiles and woven for unparalleled strength and colorfastness, our fabrics are built to outlast cheaper alternatives. By prioritizing quality materials and construction techniques, we produce resilient hammocks that stand the test of time while decreasing their ecological impact over many seasons of relaxation.

Repairability, Care and Recycling

Even our high-quality hammocks can become damaged over time. That's why we designed them to be easily repaired at home without special tools, so less fabric goes to waste. Our hammock beds can be patched, wooden parts re-lacquered, and metal parts re-welded or protected from weathering, extending their lifespans for years. When components finally reach the end of usefulness, most can be recycled rather than trashed. Our commitment to repairability and recyclability means less environmental impact over the full product lifecycle.

Ecological Supply Chain

We optimize our logistics for efficiency and sustainability. By shipping products flat-packed and efficiently packed, we minimize environmental impact along the supply chain. Lazy Daze collaborates closely with suppliers to ensure transportation follows regulations and best practices for reducing carbon emissions. We are committed to delivering quality hammocks while keeping our planetary footprint light through conscientious distribution planning.

Environmental Management

Our manufacturing facility meets the globally recognized ISO 14001 standard for environmental management. This third-party certification verifies our commitment to sustainability through ongoing waste reduction, energy conservation, and efficient material utilization. We continuously seek new ways to minimize the ecological impact of our operations and products. This environmental ethos informs all aspects of our hammock production, from raw materials to finished item.

Lazy Daze Plants Trees and Changes Lives

We donate a portion of sales to Trees for the Future, which trains farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques that enrich soil and conserve ecosystems. This helps fund their planting of trees and food crops around the world. We also use FSC certified materials for responsible forestry. Through funding reforestation and rural community programs, we aim to restore the earth’s gifts that sustain us all. Our customers help nurture the planet too.

Our achievements from doing nothing

In 2022, we have become one of the premier online hammock brands in the U.S.

4.5+ Stars

Average Review From Customer

1,000 Thousands 

Hammocks Sold


Hours of doing nothing 

Hammock Fun

Our first sales were simple hammocks without a stand and from there we started to discover that there’s more to hammocks than just hanging a piece of cloth between two poles. We started to do many kinds of hammocks starting from classic ones that you see at holiday resorts which you can take with you and hang anywhere. That was only the beginning though, afterwards, we learned that there are so many styles of hammocks and some are better suited for the US market as many of us don’t really have a beach with palm trees in our backyards.

From testing different wood and materials we learned the best ways of doing hammocks that are comfortable and sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. 

Today we have a full lineup of hammocks: quilted, rope, canvas, Caribbean, pillowtop, camping, and Sunbrella™. Boy, is that a list of hammocks or what? And talking about those two poles, you can have your hammock hung classic style between two trees from us, but you can now get wood and metal bases too so you don’t need to plant trees in your backyard and wait for years to hang up your dozing off station.

Since the founding of Lazy Daze, we have served countless like-minded dozers across the USA and we are not living in a camper van anymore. Memories of our beginning still warm our hearts every time we have a chance to take a nap in our own hammocks.

Why our hammocks are the best choice for doing nothing?


Made from materials of the highest quality our woven cotton canvases are ultra-durable and last you for a lifetime worth of naps.


Our invitingly comfortable hammocks with soft and light materials are so seducing that you’ll never want to get up.


Classic oil-rubbed and coated hardwood spreader bars and ropes crafted by experts for that timeless look that’s always in style.


Lazy Daze hammocks are made in a socially responsible way that benefits our crafters and the environment they live in.