About Us

#The Art of Doing Nothing

Lazy Daze Hammocks are built on the belief that doing nothing is not simply just doing nothing - there is the right way of doing/not doing it and that’s an art. The best way of dozing off from your busy day is one that makes you smile, and comfortable and feels like something endless that you don’t want to stop. At the same time, it strangely charges you up like a battery and gets you ready for the times when you, unfortunately, need to get up from your lovely hammock and need to contribute something to society. We argue that by doing nothing you are actually closer to archiving something.

Today, we are here ready to help you to get the most out of your downtime so that you can maximize the relaxation with yourself, family and why not a couple of noisy friends too!

Where did this Journey to laziness begin?

Lazy Daze hammock was founded in 1999. The story ironically started by doing something as our founder was backpacking in South-East Asia and got used to the local traveler scene’s habit of taking it easy anywhere, some of the best beach spots, hotels, and hostels had hammocks which were so amazing to take a nap in that it could be described as love at first sight.

There’s nothing better than dozing off in the calm summer wind and getting up once the sun starts to go down. Believe it or not, the days weren’t just full of pure laziness those days, he actually worked those times as a digital nomad, and thanks to the time difference he could work after a full day of dozing off. From there he learned that doing nothing the right way is the best way to get things done.

After returning home he wanted to bring this part of his old backpacker lifestyle back home and started Lazy Daze in 1999 when the hammock boom started to get hot. 

Things started to happen…

It was in 1999 when we made our first hammocks and started to sell them to the people we knew the best: young people and backpackers. At home, we found our audience at music festivals and beaches - anywhere people set out to camp and ready to chill. First Spring breaks were an awesome time back in the day.

In those days our operation was relatively modest. We were living off of a camper van full of hammocks traveling from coast to coast, California to Florida. We couldn’t complain though the trips were full of laughter and hey - at least we got to rest well with our own hammocks!

Our achievements from doing nothing

In 2022, we have become one of the premier online hammock brands in the U.S.

4.5+ Stars

Average Review From Customer

1,000 Thousands 

Hammocks Sold


Hours of doing nothing 

Our first sales were simple hammocks without a stand and from there we started to discover that there’s more to hammocks than just hanging a piece of cloth between two poles. We started to do many kinds of hammocks starting from classic ones that you see at holiday resorts which you can take with you and hang anywhere. That was only the beginning though, afterwards, we learned that there are so many styles of hammocks and some are better suited for the US market as many of us don’t really have a beach with palm trees in our backyards.

From testing different wood and materials we learned the best ways of doing hammocks that are comfortable and sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. 

Today we have a full lineup of hammocks: quilted, rope, canvas, Caribbean, pillowtop, camping, and Sunbrella™. Boy, is that a list of hammocks or what? And talking about those two poles, you can have your hammock hung classic style between two trees from us, but you can now get wood and metal bases too so you don’t need to plant trees in your backyard and wait for years to hang up your dozing off station.

Since the founding of Lazy Daze, we have served countless like-minded dozers across the USA and we are not living in a camper one anymore. Memories of our beginning still warm our hearts every time we have a chance to take a nap in our own hammocks.

Why our hammocks are the best choice for doing nothing?


Made from materials of the highest quality our woven cotton canvases are ultra-durable and last you for a lifetime worth of naps.


Our invitingly comfortable hammocks with soft and light materials are so seducing that you’ll never want to get up.


Classic oil-rubbed and coated hardwood spreader bars and ropes crafted by experts for that timeless look that’s always in style.


Lazy Daze hammocks are made in a socially responsible way that benefits our crafters and the environment they live in.