Lazy Daze

Rewards Program

Why Participate in the Lazy Daze Rewards Program?

  • Share Your Lazy Daze Story: Showcase your Lazy Daze moments and inspire other hammock enthusiasts.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts to enhance your next hammock adventure.

  • Premium Hammock Gear: Receive high-quality, branded items to complement your love for hammocks.
How It Works

Capture Your Hammock Experience & Select Your Reward Option.

Option 1: Picture Perfect Package


Submit at least 4 pictures + detailed feedback and Get one of below gifts.


3% Discount Code

Enjoy a discount on your next hammock order.

Lazy Daze Logo Cap

Showcase your love for hammock with a stylish cap.

Pizza Wheel

Slice through your favorite Pizzello creations

Option 2: Video Maestro Package


Submit a video + at least 4 pictures + detailed feedback and Get one of below gifts.


5% Discount Code

Receive a more substantial discount on your next
Pizzello order.

Pizza Shovel

Elevate your pizza-making skills with a
professional-grade shovel.

Pizzello Logo Apron

Stay clean and stylish with a branded apron.

Pizza Oven Cover

Ensure the longevity of your pizza oven with a custom-sized cover.

How to Join

  1. Capture or Record: Share at least 4 pictures
    with feedback or submit a video, pictures, and detailed feedback.

  2. Feedback: Provide detailed feedback on your Lazy Daze experience.

  3. Submit: Email your media, feedback, and your chosen reward option to Submit by Email, Also please leave your shipping address.

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