Our History

LazyDaze through the years


LazyDaze begins with William Jones in 1996

In 1996, after backpacking through South America, William was captivated by the serene comfort of hammocks used by indigenous villagers. Upon returning home, he delved into hammock craftsmanship, aiming to share this delightful experience with others.

The first products

The first products were rope hammocks, crafted by intertwining sturdy ropes meticulously to form a supportive net-like structure. William took a team with skilled artisans to skillfully weave and knot the ropes, ensuring durability and comfort.


In 1999, fueled by the vision to bring the essence of relaxation he discovered in South America to more people, William took the bold step of establishing Lazy Daze's first factory. This marked a pivotal moment as the brand transitioned from crafting hammocks individually to mass production. With the opening of the factory, Lazy Daze began its journey of making rope and fabric hammocks


In 2007, Lazydaze inaugurated its second factory, marking a milestone in its expansion. Alongside, we introduced a new product line hammock combos featuring metal-related items, showcasing our commitment to diversification and innovation in metalworking technology.


In 2017, we reached a significant milestone by establishing our third factory, which now serves as our headquarters factory. This expansion allowed us to enhance our production capacity and efficiency, enabling us to offer a diverse range of hammocks to meet the growing demands of our customers. With our new facility, we are better equipped to accommodate various styles and designs.


In response to escalating customer demand, we constructed two warehouses with an integrated office in California,and Georgia, USA, in 2020. This strategic move enables us to streamline operations, optimize logistics, and ensure timely delivery of our products to our valued customers across the United States.