Our Story

The Art of Doing Nothing

LazyDaze Hammocks believe that being inactive isn't merely idleness; it's an art of deliberate choice and meaning.

At LazyDaze, we believe that true creativity and serenity arise from moments of total relaxation. Embracing the art of doing nothing allows us to slow down, cherish the present, and reconnect with our true selves. Our hammocks offer the ideal setting to embrace this lifestyle fully.

Our Value: LazyDaze hammocks are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both comfort and durability. Our value is to offer not just a product, but also a pathway to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Beyond physical relaxation, you can also swing into a rejuvenating staycation with LazyDaze.

Our Mission: Embrace a new lifestyle that embodies relaxation and mindfulness, drawing inspiration from the art of doing nothing. With LazyDaze, you can transform your backyard into a resort and create a relaxing atmosphere at home. Our mission is to introduce the practice of simply being to more people, urging them to slow down and find peace.

Who We Are ?

10 Years

R&D experience

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A lifestyle, an art of doing nothing. That's LazyDaze.

LazyDaze Hammocks aims to provide the best quality hammocks and hanging chairs on the market with unmatched customer service. Crafted with precision and care, our hammocks blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Each product embodies quality, comfort, and style, from our signature Rope and Fabric collections to our Hanging Hardware.

It's always about people. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything we do, from responsibly sourced materials to eco-friendly production practices. We empower underemployed women and preserve traditional handicrafts to create hammocks that provide comfort and positively impact society.

Join us in embracing the art of doing nothing with LazyDaze Hammocks!

Where did this journey tolaziness begin?

The journey began in 1996 when LazyDaze's founder, William, traveled to South America.

During this trip, William met a local indigenous tribe who kindly invited him to rest in their village.

There, he came across a uniquely comfortable hammock woven from rough hemp ropes. When he first lay in this simple hammock, he experienced a completely new sensation - a feeling of deep relaxation and a strong connection with nature.

Things started to happen...

Upon returning, William often recalled his time with the indigenous people back in South America and was frequently reminded of the comfort of their hammocks.

Inspired by these memories, he envisioned starting a hammock brand. Determined to share this raw, natural allure with a broader audience, William devoted his time to creating relaxing hammocks.

All Keep growing !

Today, William's passion for hammocks remains strong.

Dedicated to crafting and delivering high-quality hammocks, he strives to introduce the essence of LazyDaze to an expanding audience to offer more people a pathway to relaxation, connection, and the simple joys of life.

The LazyDaze Differnce

Why us?

LazyDaze Hammocks embodies core values of design innovation, superior quality, and social responsibility. We lead through elegant, functional design innovations, using advanced materials and craftsmanship to ensure durability and performance.

Rigorous quality control and premium materials underscore our commitment to sustainability, protecting the environment and community welfare.

LazyDaze offers relaxation and connection with nature and drives industry progress through quality and innovation, establishing trust and reliability with our customers.

Why our hammocks are the best choice for doing nothing?


LazyDaze hammocks are designed and crafter with passion by dynamic, innovative, and life-loving individuals like you.


Innovation drives our success, inspiring us to create new hammock collections that expand the possibilities of hammocks.


Crafted from premium materials, our cotton canvases promise durability for years of relaxation.


Our priorities are customer satisfaction, environmental care, and workers' and women's welfare. We are always responsible for customers and society.