Hammock Stands

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A hammock is the ultimate backyard accessory, but it's only as good as the support it has. Without a proper stand, your hammock is useless. But worry not, that's where we come in.

Our collection of hammock stands includes options made from beautifully finished hardwood and practical steel, providing unrivaled comfort and support. Don't let your hammock go unused – upgrade to one of our stands and start enjoying your hammock to the fullest.

Types of Hammock Stands and How to Choose One

Should I Choose a Wooden or Metal Hammock Stand?

Our metal hammock stands are easier to transport due to their lighter weight, a wooden stand can add a touch of natural elegance to your outdoor space. Other than weight the metal stands are easier to move to a different location in your backyard - especially the ones with added wheel - plus they are quick to assemble and disassemble so you can take them with you where ever you go.

However, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference and the desired aesthetic for your backyard oasis, if you don’t need to move your hammock often then the hardwood stand offers great elegance and beauty.

Choosing the Right Size

Once you know the style of hammock stand you want you to need to choose the right size for your hammock. This information is always included on the stand and hammock pages of your products, the right length for a hammock stand in general is the one that leaves the hammock lightly smiling when the hammock is not in use. Once you get it the hammock will then press down the ground some.

If you want to compare many models of stands remember that the length implied includes the ropes so remember to take that into account.

Make it Easy and Order a Combo Chosen by Lazy Daze

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Sunbrella Single-layer Hammock With Stand

Sunbrella fabric hammocks hold their delightful color even with constant exposure to the sun

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Deluxe Quilted Fabric Hammock with Steel Hammock Stand and Pillow Combo

This hammock with super comfortable quilted fabric that breathes and feels amazing to touch.

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Hammock with 12 Foot Wood Arc Frame