Cozy Up with Your Valentine in a Lazy Daze Hammock!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll spend quality time with your special someone. This year, go beyond the classic dinner date and create romantic moments that will last - in the cozy comfort of your own Lazy Daze couple’s hammock!

Give the Gift of Relaxation and Romance:

Surprise your Valentine with the gift of relaxation by treating them to a Lazy Daze hammock. Offering 10% off all our hammocks, it's the perfect time to invest in an intimate shared space just for the two of you. A couples hammock provides a cozy spot to cuddle up year-round.

Double hammocks have plenty of room for pillows, blankets and canoodling. As you gently sway enveloped in your own world, your connection will deepen.

Set the Valentine’s Day Mood:

Set up your new hammock and get ready for maximum romance! Dim overhead string lights to a soft glow. Have two mugs of hot cocoa, champagne, or your Valentine's favorite beverage ready in the attached cupholders.

Let peaceful music or the soothing sounds of nature envelop you. Gazing into each other’s eyes as you swing beneath twinkling lights is guaranteed to make hearts flutter.

Snuggle Up Year-Round:

This Valentine’s Day gift sets the stage for romantic moments all year long. Rainy spring days, warm summer nights perfect for stargazing, crisp autumn cuddles - your couples' hammock is there whenever romance strikes.

Luxuriate in your private refuge together as your relationship blossoms. Let Lazy Daze provide a space devoted to your love for years to come.

Take advantage of 10% OFF all hammocks NOW during our Valentine’s Day sale! But hurry, this romantic promotion won't last long.


Surprise your Valentine with the gift of relaxation and romance this year. Contact Lazy Daze to find the perfect couples' hammock while our Valentine’s Day sale is on!