Enjoy Luxurious Comfort in Quilted Fabric Hammock

Want to enjoy the comfort of home outdoors, this is the requirement of many people for camping. However, this quilted fabric hammock will meet your need for outdoor comfort. Let me tell you some inevitable reasons why you should choose it.

Quilted fabric hammock has a stable balance and enough strength to improve your safety when using. The ropes on both sides of the hammock are 100% polyester and handcrafted. The maximum density of the rope is 8 mm. We improved the comfort level by reducing the elongation of the rope under tension. In addition, the 55-inch hardwood support rods interact with the ropes to make the hammock flatter and non-deform-able. The surface of the support rod is coated with a mould-proof varnish, so it increases its durability while ensuring stability.

55" Double Quilted Fabric Hammock Swing

Real reviews of buying customers

“Very sturdy, durable, well-constructed. I’m very impressed with the quality, as sometimes it’s a gamble buying these things online. Very happy with the purchase, and would have expected to pay much more if I’d seen it in person, first.”


The size of the hammock is 141 inches, which means it's big enough for two people to rest. And with a weight of 450 pounds, it's the kind of thing you want to lie on with your family. The double-layered quilted polyester with inner polyester padding and a polyethylene stuffing head pillow offer you superior comfort. The thickened design increases the softness of lying on the hammock, while the fabric we chose also ensures the air permeability of the hammock. The twill on the surface of the fabric is designed to increase friction when you lie on it and prevent items from slipping off.

Real reviews of buying customers

“T.H.I.S I.S. A.W.E.S.O.M.E, in fact I’m laying in it right now as I write this! We vacationed in a beautiful hotel which had hammocks at the beach and courtyards, and we enjoyed them SO MUCH that I wanted to get one like it for home. I figured the hotel ones were special/expensive, and when browsing online this looked close enough. We’ll SCORE this is just like the hotel’s! Actually better because this has an attachable pillow! So comfy, so pretty, so sturdy, great quality, just awesome. Staycation break anytime we want! Everyone in our family LOVES it so much, and I’m thrilled to have it at home. I hope this makes my hubby want to replant our backyard lawn ASAP! (Ignore all the dirt in the pics, LOL)”


Due to the hot sale of this style of hammock, we have designed various styles of quilted fabric hammock. Solid colors can bring people a sense of beauty, color stripes can create a sense of visual layers, waves can create a romantic place at the seaside, flower patterns can bring you the experience of nature. In addition to the hammocks, which come in a variety of colors, the support rods are also available in wood and black. We will take into account the size and comfort of the hammock and match the length and color of the pillow.

Real reviews of buying customers

“I but tie straps around the trees to make it portable. Fabric is great with pretty vibrant colors. It's sturdy, think goodness because I am a big girl. Also, very comfortable.”