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At Lazy Daze Hammocks, our primary focus is providing the finest quality hammocks, swing chairs, hammock stands, and accessories made with quality materials. Throughout the years we have strived to bring you the ultimate products in the outdoor living category. Let’s take a look at our product line: types of hammocks, stands, what they are and how to choose the right one for you.

Caribbean Hammocks

Experience unparalleled comfort and relaxation with the Lazy Daze Caribbean Hammock, widely renowned as the world's most comfortable hammock. As you cuddle in its luxurious embrace and softness, let the magic of the hammock transport you to a state of serenity.

Even if you can’t take yourself under the warm Caribbean sun you can bring the best part of it to your very own backyard with your own Lazy Daze Caribbean Hammock!


Quilted Hammocks

The Lazy Daze quilted hammocks were designed to be as versatile as possible. Made of two layers of fabric sandwiching a layer of rope gives them both flexibility and strength. Quilted hammocks are a great option for families with young children, as the hammocks are super easy to get on and out of thanks to the spreader bars that keep the hammock flat. Overall, quilted hammocks offer a combination of durability and comfort that makes them a popular choice.

Rope Hammocks

The most common type of hammock that comes to mind is probably the classic rope hammock and it’s not just the favorite of movie pirates for nothing. Usually made entirely of 100% cotton and featuring a loose weave, rope hammocks are incredibly versatile and can be easily set up and taken down which makes them the perfect choice if you want to hang your hammock into the galley of a pirate ship or just bring it with you to the beach. They can be hung using hooks screwed into a beam or used with a stand to provide a place to relax anywhere. The cotton material and large weave also allow for maximum airflow, making rope hammocks ideal for those hot summer days. Overall, rope hammocks offer flexibility, convenience, and comfort.


Camping Hammocks

Our Happy Campers at Lazy Daze love these hammocks. We love camping and it is a great way to spend time in nature, but sometimes the burden of carrying heavy equipment can make it seem out of reach. That's where camping hammocks come in. Instead of carrying a whole set of tents, sleeping bags and stuff with you just bring a slim and tough hammock with some ropes with you. The whole hammock fits in a small bag and these days strong rope comes in small widths too. Just find a couple of trees and hang your hammock between them. With a mosquito net and the fact that you hang above ground without touching anything you don’t need to worry about small animals and bugs harassing you when you sleep. In the right weather, we can’t think of a better way to get a good night's sleep in the wild.

Poolside Hammocks

Traditional hammocks are made of natural fibers which can be liable to water, pool hammocks are water-resistant, so you can use them after a swim while you are still wet and leave them outside without worrying about mold and mildew. And despite their durability, they still offer the same level of comfort as other hammocks. Our poolside hammocks can be hung from stands or between two posts or beams, giving you plenty of options for placement. Whether you're lounging by the pool or simply enjoying the great outdoors, a pool hammock is a must addition to any backyard with a pool.


Hammock Chairs

Last but not least comes the luxurious hammock chair. These hammocks are designed to be used in a seated position and they are there as a more comfortable alternative to chairs and recliners.  With their small size and simple structure they come practically ready to hang: attach a hammock chair to the roof of your home or add a Lazy Daze hammock chair stand that allows a full 360° rotation that makes it a great choice for any living space.


Hammock Stands

A hammock is the ultimate backyard accessory, but it's only as good as the support it has. Without a proper stand, your hammock is useless. But worry not, that's where we come in. Our collection of hammock stands includes options made from beautifully finished hardwood and practical steel, providing unrivaled comfort and support. Don't let your hammock go unused – upgrade to one of our stands and start enjoying your hammock to the fullest.

Types of hammock stands and how to choose one

Should I choose a wooden or metal hammock stand?

Our metal hammock stands are easier to transport due to their lighter weight, a wooden stand can add a touch of natural elegance to your outdoor space. Other than weight the metal stands are easier to move to a different location in your backyard - especially the ones with added wheel - plus they are quick to assemble and disassemble so you can take them with you where ever you go.

However, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference and the desired aesthetic for your backyard oasis, if you don’t need to move your hammock often then the hardwood stand offers great elegance and beauty.

Choosing the right size

Once you know the style of hammock stand you want you to need to choose the right size for your hammock. This information is always included on the stand and hammock pages of your products, the right length for a hammock stand in general is the one that leaves the hammock lightly smiling when the hammock is not in use. Once you get it the hammock will then press down the ground some.

If you want to compare many models of stands remember that the length implied includes the ropes so remember to take that into account. 

Make it easy and order a hammock and stand combo chosen by Lazy Daze

If you are worried about finding the right stand for your hammock and just want to quickly get to dreamland then you can take a look at the Lazy Daze combos that bring together the right stand and hammocks. Just find the hammock you love and we’ll have the right stand for it delivered for you quick and easy.


Hammock Accessories and more

Welcome to the hammock life. If you want to take your hammock lounging to the next level you can take a look at all the Lazy Daze accessories that we offer. Tune up your hammock with a bottle holder, pillows and blankets. Keep your hammock in tip-top shape and accessible with our chain hanging kits and roof mounts. For anything, hammock choose Lazy Daze!