The Best Destinations for Hammock Lovers Around the World

If youre a hammock lover, you know all too well the pleasure of sinking into a cozy hammock and relaxing in the sun or shade. Whether youre looking for a beach vacation or a mountain retreat, you can find the perfect spot to hang your hammock and take in the views. From tropical islands to remote mountaintop locations, here are some of the best destinations for hammock lovers around the world.

Tropical Beaches

Nothing says hammock time like a day at the beach, and there are plenty of great tropical destinations for hammock lovers. The Caribbean is a popular hammock spot, with its lush jungles, sandy shores, and crystal-clear waters. If youre looking for a beachfront hammock experience, Belize offers some of the best spots in the region. The island of Jamaica has plenty of hammock-friendly spots, too, with its many beaches and resorts. The Bahamas is another great place to hang out, with its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Woven with weather safe materials of the highest quality, our Lazy Daze Double Caribbean Rope Hammock can be left outdoors in any weather without rotting or growing mold. It is a good choice for beach hammocking.

Mountains and Forests

If youre looking for a more secluded hammock spot, you cant go wrong with a mountain or forest getaway. The Rocky Mountains are a great option for hammock lovers, with plenty of open spaces and breathtaking views. The Alps offer some of the best hammock spots in the world, with their towering peaks and lush forests. The Smoky Mountains are another great choice for hammock lovers, with its rolling hills and forests. You can also find great hammock spots in the forests of South America, with its diverse wildlife and jaw-dropping views.


If you want to experience a truly unique hammock experience, why not head to an island destination? Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for hammock lovers, with its beautiful beaches and jungles. The Virgin Islands offer some of the best hammock spots in the Caribbean, with its stunning white sand beaches and lush rainforests. The Philippines also has plenty of hammock-friendly islands, with its stunning beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant culture.

Urban Locations

You dont have to travel far to find a great hammock spot. There are plenty of great urban locations for hammock lovers, from city parks to rooftop gardens. New York City offers some of the best urban hammock spots in the U.S., with its many parks and green spaces. You can find great hammock locations in other cities, too, from Los Angeles to London. Don't forget to bring our Brazilian Premium Poly cotton Fabric Hammock. Ball it up, bag it, and take it with you. Our hammocks are easily transportable and super simple to hang, wherever you go.