Guide to Different Types of Hammocks

There are many types of hammocks for varying use. Here’s an overview of each type. We love them all! Yep, a great way to relax, unwind and let the fast-paced world go by…even if just for a little while.

So a few years ago, after owning at least two dozen types of hammocks over the years, plus using hammocks in our global travels, we observed the growing use of hammocks by many people we encountered. They would ask of us, what hammock should I get? Well, that depends. So here’s a guide to various types of hammocks to explore and learn from.

Rope Hammocks

Rope hammocks are similar in design to quilted hammocks, but feature rope stitching between the spreader-bars. These are the classic hammocks that most people associate with island castaways lounging under palm trees. Spreader bars keep the lounge bed open for easy access, and the rope stitching offers both support ant flexibility.

Rope hammocks are either cotton or polyester, and each has its advantages. Cotton rope hammocks are more flexible than polyester, but polyester styles are less susceptible to humidity, mildew, and mold. It’s a good idea to consider nylon if you live in a very humid climate.

Whether you sling your rope hammock between two trees, on a stand or between posts, it’s important to pre-measure your chosen spot. Most rope hammocks measure 13-feet, so your hanging source (posts or trees) should be from 13 to 17 feet apart. You can always get a hammock stand if such a spread isn’t available to you.

Though quilted and rope hammocks are similar in appearance, the large gaps in the weave of rope hammocks makes them potentially dangerous for little ones, since there’s a chance a hand or food could get stuck between the ropes.

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Quilted Hammocks

Quilted hammocks are so named because of the filler material between fabric layers, which offers quilted softness, comfort and extra warmth. Quilted hammocks are ideal for cooler climates and easy to flop into, since they come with spreader bars that offer stability and keep the bed area wide open and accessible. They offer the added attraction of being reversible, so you get two hammocks in one – usually a pattern on one side and a solid color on the other. Sling your quilted hammock between two trees or purchase an easy-to-use stand. These hammocks are normally made of solid fabric, meaning no rope holes or stitching gaps. This makes them a great choice for families and young kids.

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Poolside Hammocks

As the name indicates, these hammocks are ideal for relaxing near water, because their fabrics are designed to be fade-resistant and water tolerant. They are the best choice for a beach outing or a nap beside the pool. Poolside hammocks are typically designed with spreader bars for easy access right from the water, and can either be hung from stands or between trees.

Poolside hammocks are most popular in warm climates and seaside locations due to their tolerance of wet and dry conditions. Their fade-and-water-resistant fabric makes them a little less comfortable than other designs, but the trade-off is a hammock that loves you, wet swimsuit and all.

Not only are poolside hammocks extra durable, they’re easy to clean: all you need is liquid soap and warm water. An occasional dunking in a solution of diluted bleach will keep your poolside hammock free of any mildew.

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Caribbean Hammocks

Caribbean Hammocks brings style and relaxation to any location. These stylish, our hammocks are hand woven from soft spun polyester. Unlike cotton hammocks, they will not rot, mold or mildew. The hammock bed is woven with an extra tight micro-weave design, providing the ultimate in comfort and stability. The wood spreader bar has multiple coats of marine varnish to protect it from the elements, wide providing ample room for one or two people. This hammock hangs easily from two suspension points. These are the largest and most comfortable hammocks anywhere. It only takes a few minutes of gentle swinging in a cool summer breeze to totally rejuvenate the body and the mind. Share one with a close friend and the stress from the rest of the world will just disappear.

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What are spreader bars and do I need them?

Spreader bars are wood planks that serve the purpose of keeping the hammock open and the bed flat. The classic style hammock with which most of us are familiar has spreader bars, but ultimately it’s a matter of taste. Rope and poolside hammocks, as well as quilted hammocks, usually have spreader bars, which gives them that classic hammock look. Spreader bars can also make hammocks more susceptible to tipping, again a matter of preference – some people perfect the art of balance!

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