A “Lazy Daze” Staycation with Our Ultra Relaxing Hammocks


A relaxing getaway doesn’t require flights or hotel bookings. With the right at-home enhancements, your backyard or patio can transport you to a luxurious vacation oasis. That’s why Lazy Daze hammocks are the perfect centerpiece for your next “staycation.”

Our ultra-comfortable hammocks create a peaceful sanctuary right in your own outdoor or indoor space. Read on for tips on creating tropical vibes, spa-like luxury, and kid-friendly fun with Lazy Daze hammocks!

Create a Backyard Tropical Oasis:

Transform your backyard into a private tropical resort with just a few simple touches. Clear away any clutter and deck out your yard with a breezy Lazy Daze hammock for lounging in the shade. Surround yourself with swaying palm plants in pots and place transportable tiki torches around the perimeter. The flickering torch light and tropical greenery will make you feel worlds away.

For even more of a vacation feel, add extras like a hammock side table or cupholder for your tropical cocktails. String festive patio lights overhead for a twinkling ambience after dark. Close your eyes and let the soft hammock sway and rustling palm fronds transport you to the islands.

Create a Spa-Like Hammock Sanctuary Indoors:

You don’t need a backyard to create a Lazy Daze vacation oasis. Bring luxury and relaxation inside your home with an indoor hammock designed for ultimate comfort.

Mount a sturdy hammock stand in an open corner of your bedroom, living room, or study. This creates a relaxation nook perfect for sinking into your hammock to read, meditate, or nap. Surround your hammock with soothing elements like plush pillows, soft blankets, calming scents, and noise-cancelling headphones. As you gently swing in your hammock cocoon, you’ll feel enveloped in serene spa-like comfort.

For added ambience, hang string lights along the ceiling around your hammock. Their soft glow enhances the feeling of a private sanctuary. Let Lazy Daze hammocks whisk you away to tranquil relaxation without ever leaving home.

Create a Whimsical Kid's Hammock Nook:

Let kids transform their space into a private whimsical getaway. Add a colorful, child-sized Lazy Daze hammock in their bedroom for hours of entertainment. Fill it with stuffed animals, books, snacks and an iPad loaded with movies to keep them playing for hours.

Adults can get in on the indoor hammock fun too! Make your Lazy Daze hammock the centerpiece of family movie night by projecting the movie onto the wall from the comfort of the hammock.


With just a few special touches, Lazy Daze hammocks can create relaxing staycation sanctuaries for all ages. Our ultra-comfortable hammocks offer a simple way to experience luxurious tranquility at home. Contact us today to find the perfect hammock to transform your indoor or outdoor space into a private oasis!