How to relax and be more productive with Hammocks

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, we feel compelled to be more productive around the clock, forgetting how important it is to relax. Think about it: how often do you check work emails outside of work?

Our smartphones mean that we are more connected than ever before. However, they also make it hard to leave work behind and be okay with simply relaxing. Indeed, research reveals that the average person checks their phone over 90 times per day!

Hammocks May Boost Productivity and Reduce Stress

Because we are not as relaxed as we should be at home when we do go to work, we’re not as productive as possible either. So instead, we reach for some caffeine or sugar as a little pick-me-up. We battle fatigue because we need to be more productive.

However, there is another way. Instead of simply pushing through stress and fatigue hoping we’ll become more productive, we need to learn to relax. A new study has found that using what is known as “strategic renewal” techniques, such as a brief afternoon nap, not only boosts productivity, it also promotes better overall health.

Hammocks are an ideal place to retreat for a midday rest or meditation before getting back to work. Take regular breaks and always sleep in the same place for continuity and familiarity, so you can develop good mental health habits and increase your overall productivity.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is just relax

Top 3 reasons to choose a hammock for relaxation 

The presence of a hammock is not only a great opportunity to complement the interior with an additional item. It is also extremely useful for the human body. Here are just a few scientifically proven facts:

  • A hammock is a great remedy for combating stress and nightmares, all thanks to the soothing rocking back and forth.
  • Sometimes it makes more sense for our bodies to hang out in a hammock than to lie down on the couch. The "floating bed" envelops the human body like a cocoon, which is why we relax faster and fall asleep better (the deep sleep phase sets in), which means we need less time to restore energy levels and consolidate self-defense functions.
  • Resting in a properly installed hammock has a positive effect on the balance apparatus and helps the neck and back muscles to relax better. In addition, over time, a pleasant feeling of weightlessness sets in.

Would you like to experience all these benefits? Then it's time to pay attention to Lazy Daze hammocks

Lazy Daze Hammocks are built on the belief that doing nothing is not simply just doing nothing - there is the right way of doing/not doing it, and that’s an art. The best way of dozing off from your busy day is one that makes you smile, and comfortable, and feels like something endless that you don’t want to stop. At the same time, it strangely charges you up like a battery and gets you ready for the times when you, unfortunately, need to get up from your lovely hammock and need to contribute something to society. We argue that by doing nothing, you are actually closer to archiving something.

Our premium quilted hammocks are soft, comfortable, and portable. This hammock comes with pillows for quick relaxation. 12 feet hammocks with a bed size of 77x55 inches, max load 450 lbs. They offer absolute bliss whether you are looking to relax solo or with your loved ones. Soft weather-protected fabrics with beautiful colored patterns let you turn any room, patio, backyard, park, or beach into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Lazy Daze hammocks for relaxation and productivity

At Lazy Daze Hammocks we understand that to become more productive and discover the best version of yourself, you need time to yourself to relax and unwind. That is why we extol the virtues of resting in a hammock. Purchasing a Lazy Daze Hammock is buying for yourself a little island of relaxation in a sea of stress. Your energy levels will thank you for it!