Quilted Hammocks

Quilted Hammocks

Welcome to Lazy Daze! Explore our premium Quilted Hammocks—soft, comfortable, and portable. Whether solo or with loved ones, experience bliss in any space. Weather-protected fabrics, vibrant patterns, and durable construction make your sanctuary of relaxation. Set up traditionally or with our stylish hammock stands.
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Your ticket to lazy town, our premium quilted hammocks are soft, comfortable, and portable. They offer absolute bliss whether you are looking to relax solo or with your loved ones. Soft weather-protected fabrics with beautiful colored patterns let you turn any room, patio, backyard, park, or beach into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Our hammocks also use sturdy water-protected steel and premium hardwood spreader bars so that you can enjoy them for years. You can easily set up our hammocks traditionally between two trees or you can get one of our stylish and practical hammock stands.


These hammocks are quilted for an extra layer of comfort. They tend to be more expensive because they require double the fabric. This hammock falls in the spreader bar hammock family.

The quilted hammock can be left outside. The fabric is made to take some abuse from the elements. However, the sun is still a usual enemy but in this case, the wind can be an even worst enemy. These hammocks do not have holes in it to let the wind go by. On a very windy day, the hammock quickly turns into a sail and as the wind shifts direction, the quilted hammock will start to turn on itself. Over time, this puts a lot of stress on the end strings connecting the hammock bed to the loop, and these can at that point fail. This is why we recommend you store the hammock after use, although not a necessity to do so.

If you have had your hammock out for the summer, and it’s time to store it, make sure that you store it in a dry place to avoid it getting moldy just like with any other fabric. Store it as you would store your clothes, and the fabric will stay nice and fresh for the winter months. The best places would be a cool and dry basement or a closet where the hammock can breathe, stays cool and isn’t subject to direct sunlight.

It depends. If you like spreader bar hammocks made of fabrics, then this hammock is certainly one to consider, if not the only one. The padding makes for an extra layer of comfort, while the outer shell is soft and durable. This hammock is also reversible and can allow you to have different patterns. Just flip it over when you need to.

When making a quilted hammock, polyester and olefin are generally the fabrics of choice. They are soft on the skin and can be treated to be very durable over time. A bottom layer of the fabric is used on which a layer of polyester padding is added before being sealed with a top layer of fabric.

The versatility and performance of Sunbrella fabric also makes it the ideal choice for outdoor hammocks. Lazy Daze Sunbrella quilted hammocks add comfort, style and long-lasting quality to any outdoor space.

  • Lay the hammock on a clean flat surface like a garden table or your deck. Just pay in mind that things are going to get wet.
  • Water it well to get the hammock soaking wet
  • Scrub the hammock with a bit of soap or mild detergent
  • For difficult stains, use remover
  • Once you are done, give the hammock a good rinse and hang it out to dry. You can give it a careful squeeze to help it dry faster.

This hammock does not stretch very much. It does to be comfortable, but never like a cotton rope. You will need around 14 to 15 feet to properly hang it.