Lazy Daze Hammocks® is Committed to the Environment.

Together, we're investing in a brighter future that begins in your own backyard. All our products are built with attention to the materials and work processes so that they have a positive impact on both social and ecological aspects of our lives and our planet. Here are some of the many ways Lazy Daze tackles the issues that touch us all.

Responsible Fabrics

Every hammock starts from the materials and in the textile industry, there are many ways of making the products more ecological, one of those ways is to use strong materials that are made to last and don’t need replacement as often as one of the top reasons why textiles can cause issues to the environment is unnecessary replacement and materials that wear out too fast.

Our dedication to quality means that all our fiber, yarn and fabric are manufactured from top raw materials and then weaved and treated to last for years to come. In all the markets where you can find our products, you can be assured that our fabrics are top-class in their color and strength, outlasting other fabrics.

Repairability, Care and Recycling.

Even with the best of materials accidents happen and even our products can become damaged. That’s why we have made our products in a way that they are easy to repair and take care of by anyone in their homes and without requiring complicated special equipment. This easy repairability and care mean that less fabric goes to waste and every inch of fabric that can be used will be used to the end of its usable lifetime which can be years.

Our hammock beds and weaves can easily be patched, wooden parts use clean environmentally friendly lacquer and metal parts are protected and can even be rewelded if needed. Once the product has come to the end of its usable lifetime most parts are recyclable.

Ecological Supply Chain

One of the crucial steps to take before the product has reached your backyard is the transportation and logistics of getting the product to the market, as such it’s one factor that can be optimized so that it has minimal impact on the environment. Lazy Daze works closely with all its suppliers so that its supply chains follow the local regulations and pay extra attention to the efficiency of transportation.

Our products are shipped flat-packed and smart-packed which means that we are able to ensure that our products reach their destination not only efficiently but with minimal impact on the environment.

Environmental Management

To show our commitment to sustainability and road to net zero our manufacturing facility has been third-party verified to meet the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, which is an international standard for organizations to reduce their environmental impact.

These steps we have taken mean that we are always finding new ways to lower the impact of products by minimizing waste, reducing energy usage, and using all the materials we have to the fullest without leaving waste.

Respect The Workers

At Lazy Daze and thanks to the steady relationships with our suppliers, we can work together to assure all employees have fair and good working conditions and most importantly are treated with respect so that we can all work as a closely knitted family.

Lazy Daze Plants Trees and Changes Lives

It’s not only what happens in our supply chain and production that matters. It all begins with the earth and the magnificent gifts that it has given to us all. That’s why we invite you to protect it with us.

We have partnered with regenerative agriculture nonprofit, Trees for the Future (TREES). For each hammock sold we donate a portion to support their mission to train farmers in agroforestry and sustainable land use. In this way, we can give back to our home planet together.