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Of course. We have a one year warranty. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.

On occasion, the bag of hanging hardware included with the hammock can get lost during shipping. We would be more than happy to send those parts out to you if this occurs. Contact us if your hammock is missing its hanging hardware.

Yes. The "fraying" you noticed is referred to as "tasseling". This rustic effect is to keep with the look of traditional hammocks. Since hammocks are hand woven, some ends may be dipped in wax or sealed with a hot knife. This is to aid the hammock weaver in the weaving of the hammock. If the ends are waxed or sealed, the ends will still eventually tassel. This in no way affects the durability of the rope. Because of the way the knots are tied, they actually tighten when weight is applied to the hammock. Therefore, the tasseling effect will not continue past where the rope is knotted.

No, it is not defective. Caution should be used when entering and exiting hammocks, especially for children and the elderly.

Yes, we carry a few replacement parts, but we recommend calling the manufacturer at 626.899.5788.

No, simply because we are not equipped to do repairs. Please call the manufacturer at 626.899.5788.

To clean a rope hammock, use a mild solution of soap and water in a bathtub, and then simply let air-dry. Try to keep the spreader bars out of the water as much as possible so that they do not get warped in the process. For polyester rope, you can also add a cap of bleach with the soap.

To clean quilted fabric hammocks, pillows, or swings, use a mild solution of soap and water and use a scrub brush. Hose off completely and then let air-dry. Spot remover solutions can also be used for problem areas.

It is not recommended. Prolonged exposure to harsh elements can shorten the life of your hammock.

The rope will stretch naturally over time and may need to be compensated for by adjusting the chains at the end of the hammock. If this is an older hammock, and you have already shortened the chains as far as you can, it probably means the rope is nearing the end of its life. If the rope does not appear to be frayed or weak, you can try adjusting the hanging distance or hanging height (if possible). Please refer to our chart below, when trying to determine hanging distance or hook height.

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