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Yes. Free shipping is included.

Our hammocks ship free in the U.S. and generally arrive within 2-7days of ordering.

Due to the different arrival times of the hammocks and accessories, we ship them separately.


Cotton rope is the traditional material rope hammocks are made from. It is soft and provides a more natural look. Cotton is perfect for people who can take their hammock inside and out very easily, or who want the most comfortable hammock.

Polyester rope is weather resistant and will increase the longevity of your hammock. This bright white rope is a soft spun man-made fiber that is rot and mildew resistant. Polyester hammocks are recommended for tougher weather conditions or to leave outside all the time.

DuraCord rope provides the soft feel of cotton while maintaining superior outdoor durability and solution-dyed color-fastness. It is a fast drying and stain resistant fiber that prevents microbial and mildew growth.

The ideal distance for a large hammock is 15 feet or between 13-16 feet. The closer your anchor points are, the more curved your hammock will be. The ideal distance for any hammock is about two feet longer than the entire length of the hammock when measured from loop to loop.

The recommended height for the placement of the tree hook is between 4 and 5 feet. If your supports are closer than the above recommended length, the tree hooks should be raised.

Note: New hammocks might appear to be smaller, but will stretch over time. It is normal for a hammock to be up to 1-2 feet shorter in the beginning.

The climate influences the life of your hammock tremendously. We have seen some hammocks last anywhere from 2 to 12 years. Under the same conditions, DuraCord will normally last longer than polyester and cotton. Proper care will also extend the life of your hammock. It is recommended that you bring your hammock inside in the winter and during extended periods of bad weather or non-usage. Keeping your hammock clean will also help its longevity. Read below for more information on this subject.

Yes, over time if left out in the elements. However, Polyester and DuraCord® are mildew resistant and only the dirt that accumulates on the rope or fabric will actually mildew. It is important to keep your hammock free of dirt and debris.

Depending on the material, it can stretch anywhere from 1 to 2 feet.

You can hang a hammock in different ways. The easiest way is to hang it on one of our stands, which are available in metal or wood. If you click on a hammock and scroll down, you will see the compatible stands for that hammock.

Hammock Stand

Many stands are roughly four feet wide, but the lengths can vary. Start by measuring the length of your hammock, and add two feet to that measurement. For example, if your hammock length measures 13 feet, then choose a 15-foot stand. If you choose a stand that’s beyond two feet greater than your hammock length, don’t stress. You can easily add chains between the ends of the hammock and the hammock stand posts to help the ends reach. Common lengths for hammock stands include 5 ft. (for chair hammocks), 9.5 ft., 14.5 ft., and 15 ft.

All the wooden material we use for our hammock stands are sustainably & eco-friendly. We have stands made from 100% Russian hard pine wood stand, however, if we had to choose, we would say our Arc Wood Hammock Stands are the best.

Our metal hammock stands, due to being lighter than our wooden hammock stands, are easier to put up and take down. However, that being said, regardless of the material of your hammocks stand, we recommend that once your stand is up, it stays up.

All of our wooden hammock stands are produced from the finest grade of materials, as well as undergoing unique lamination or dipping bath processes. We have customers whose wooden hammock stand is going strong after 15 years, it all boils down to how well you care for it. The better you look after it, the longer it will last.

All our metal hammock stands are produced from top-quality, powder-coated steel so will last for many years. As a rule of thumb we say, the better you look after your metal hammock stand, the longer it'll last.

Good question, whilst you have the freedom to pick and chose which products you would like, you need to bear in mind the compatibility of our hammocks and stands.

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